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A Special Week

This week was a special week for 3 reasons-                                            

  • Wednesday 6/14 was Flag Day and we hung our banners and flags with pride.
  • I met a fellow practitioner for the first time who experienced the unimaginable – his wife died from cancer 4 years ago at age 39.  He has 4 girls and had done a good job of planning for the unexpected.  He and the girls weathered the emotional trauma and are now doing fine.  2 are in college this year.  Yes, his emotions were on a roller coaster in the middle of a hurricane but because his finances were in good shape he could focus on weathering the storm and could help his 4 girls come through this experience and maintain some normalness in their lives.
  • On Flag Day I had the privilege of installing the new officers and directors of our Moorestown Rotary Club.  Rotary’s motto for over 100 years has been Service Above Self.  The Rotary Foundation gives away over 250 Million EACH YEAR to make a difference locally and around the world.  I have very much enjoyed being part of this organization for the past 42 years because I believe it is important to make a difference in the world.

It is for the same reason I am in the holistic financial planner business – To Make A Difference in each of our clients long term financial well-being and help them achieve financial independence.  2 keystone thoughts for your consideration-

  1. If we fail to plan, we are really planning to fail.  Said differently – if we don’t have a destination in mind, we won’t go anywhere.  What’s your destination?
  2. Failure to date is not catastrophic but, failure to change might be – John Wooden, revered UCLA Basketball Coach.  Change is hard but is required for long term success.

Maria, Irene and I enjoy making a difference in each of our client’s lives.  Let us know when we can make a difference.

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