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How to Create Lifetime Income

Want to Retire Successfully?

12 Rules to Creating Lifetime Income Before Or After We Retire 

  1. Financial success = 2 four letter words-WORK and SAVE.
  2. Cash flow governs our decisions.
  3. Inflation is the silent killer of cash flow, and must be included in each of our plans.
  4. Each of us will live on less in retirement if we don’t have enough cash flow.
  5. Our plan needs to ensure our money lasts for our lifetime.
  6. Longevity (Living longer than expected) is the biggest risk to our plan and money.
  7. Our Plan must work under all conditions – good and bad markets.
  8. Asset location is more important than asset allocation.
  9. Certainty and predictability are key components in our plan achieving our goals.
  10. Trying to capture higher rates of return on our assets may lead to sorrow and, consequently, is not a viable strategy.
  11. Thus, there is more to be gained by avoiding losses than picking winners.
  12. Our Plan begins with determining our essential lifestyle after-tax income.

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