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Increase Your Income During Retirement

Would any of us get on an airplane if we knew it didn’t have enough gas to get us to our destination? Of course not!

When we retire, will our income stay the same? Will it grow to keep pace with inflation? Will there be enough “gas” in our retirement account?

At retirement, we don’t want to  reduce our lifestyle, we want to      gold_dollar_signs01                                         maintain it. But to sustain our standard of living long-term, we need our income to actually increase to keep pace with inflation.

An example: For a couple who both are Age 65, it’s likely that one of them will live an additional 24 years to Age 89. Using the rule of 72 at a 3% inflation rate, the couple will need to double their income in those 24 years to keep the same standard of living and keep up with inflation.

Don’t wait 24 years to find out that you don’t have enough income. Put more “gas” in your tank by looking at different strategies now.

*Source: Randy Klitzmiller, Regional Vice-President of Annuities for Ash Brokerage

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