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The Importance of Tax Planning

April 15th Looms/The Importance of Tax Planning/ Uncommon Thinking


How are these 3 topics tied together?  Everyone hates paying taxes! Reducing exposure to taxes is a top concern for most Americans.  Taxes and financial planning are closely tied together.  Many financial planning decisions are either driven by tax considerations or have tax implications.

The Stats-


25 % of Americans are so concerned about taxes that it keeps them up at night.




78% say tax planning is important.






Only 55% have a retirement income plan.






>80% base their advisor’s effectiveness on their ability to reduce taxes.                                                                      





Uncommon Thinking

We understand your concerns about taxes.  That’s why we use uncommon thinking to create tax efficient strategies to protect, accumulate and grow your money so you can look forward to the retirement you desire.  One very effective and often overlooked strategy to grow money without incurring income tax is cash value life insurance.  What??? Yes, Cash Value Life Insurance!  It’s older than dirt and equally reliable.


Reasons Cash Value Life Insurance May Help

Cash Value Life Insurance contracts provide a guaranteed minimum 3% rate of return. 

GROWTH  & ACCESSIBILITY                      

The cash value inside life insurance policies grow income tax-deferred and is accessible.      





Cash Value Life insurance provides a highly tax-efficient bucket of money through income tax-free loans and withdrawals.  There’s great comfort knowing we can get money when we need it





Life insurance cash values are a tax and penalty-free bucket if money for retirement.             






A cash value life insurance policy can be exchanged income tax-free for an annuity that provides guaranteed income for life just like Social Security income.



If you are tired of “following the crowd” and want to consider uncommon thinking tax savings strategies please contact us at willm@merriken.com  or (856)235-6300. 

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