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5 Celebrities Who Probably Wished They Had Disability Insurance

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of cool stuff – money, mansions, private jets, Twitter followers by the millions.  Not included, however, is guaranteed immunity from accident or illness.


Celebrity can also be dangerous, with stunts, stage shows and dodging paparazzi.  And if a star is sidelined, the big paycheck can turn into big losses.


Here are five celebrities who probably wished they had disability insurance.

Lady GagaLady Gaga is the MVP of celebrity mishaps.  A concussion on stage didn’t stop her from finishing a concert.  Gaga has vomited while performing…on more than one occasion.  And, those shoes have publicly tripped her up over and over again. But in 2013, Lady Gaga announced she had torn the labrum in her hip that would require surgery.  The 27 year-old needed several months of recovery and to cancel 22 dates on her “Born This Way” tour.  This detour meant $25 million in ticket refunds – OUCH!

Bret Michaels


Bret Michaels has banged his head quite a bit as lead singer of Poison.  During a live performance at the 2009 Tony Awards, a set piece fell on Michaels breaking his nose and splitting his lip.  Less than a year later, Bret suffered from a near-fatal brain hemorrhage which might have been linked to the head trauma suffered at the Tony’s.  He canceled several tour dates and even sued CBS and the Tony Awards.




Everyone knows Adele can SING.  Except when she can’t.  After missing several tour dates in 2011 because of laryngitis, Adele canceled a sold out North American tour due to a vocal cord hemorrhage.  The injury required surgery and several months of vocal rest which meant no recording, concerts, touring or income.




Last spring Dancing with the Stars went without one of its own stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Despite years of dancing, an ankle injury sidelined him and required surgery.  Maks went without his $200,000 paycheck.  Fortunately, Maks is back, heated up the dance floor with Meryl Davis and won the Mirror Ball earlier this week.


Lindsay Vonn


Lindsay Vonn,Tiger Woods’ current girlfriend and her knees might need help paying the bills.  On February 5, 2013, Vonn tore both her ACL and MCL in her right leg and fractured her tibial plateau.  Lindsay was recovering from reconstructive surgery but aggravated the injury in November and again in training for the Olympics.  She withdrew from Olympic competition losing medals and endorsement dollars.


In each of these cases an income continuation insurance plan would have provided them with a life buoy.  What’s in your wallet? 

When you can’t work due to illness orinjury how will you pay your bills?

 Having a disability insurance policy in your wallet will be your lifesaver!

SOURCE:  www.lifehealthpro.com/2013/04/25/5-celebrities-we-hope-had-disability-insurance?page=2

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