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Characteristics of a Great Portfolio

In These Unusual Times Let’s Examine –   

What is an Investment Portfolio?

Simply, put it is all the assets we own, not just our 401(k), Mutual Funds, Stocks/Bonds and ETF’s. The correct term is “Asset Base” because it’s assets (not debt) that give us long term financial independence. A “Great Asset Base” grows nicely in good times and protects us during the bad times. Since Life is a Series of Expected and Unexpected Events a “Great Asset Base” performs well in both situations.

       My success in building a successful Life Insurance and Financial Advising practice (with hundreds of satisfied and grateful clients) did NOT come from me studying to get my licenses, ongoing continuing education yearly credits, illustrations, charts, magical products, or training from the respective Insurance and Investment Company Home Offices.  It came from me listening to each one of our prospective new clients and hearing what they wanted. I then did something simple-I utilized my knowledge, applied my common sense and innovative thinking, and showed them the advantages and disadvantages of various strategies. They listened and together we designed a plan to help them get what they wanted. Almost every person wanted the same thing-a long term financial security plan which did 2 things-1) grow in the good times and 2) provide guarantees that will help them weather the bad times, such as now.

       Having taken my own advice, I want to share with you my situation right now. Half of my assets are invested in the market and have experienced the same chaos, volatility and decrease in value as yours have. It may get worse before it gets better. Who Knows??!! But the other half of my assets, they have not decreased in value one penny! In fact, they are guaranteed to go up in value every day, 365 days a year. Plus, I have access to cash from this bucket of assets anytime I want, for any emergency or opportunity, with no questions asked! I personally take great comfort and can sleep at night since I have this flexibility during the middle of this current hurricane.  

       Many, but unfortunately not all, of my clients are currently experiencing the same sense of calmness as I currently am because they allowed me to educate them and lead them to achieve a truly balanced asset base that grows in the good times and can weather the bad times. There is no magic in the strategy and products I used. The products are 200 years old, very boring and conservative, that manage themselves so I don’t have to worry about them. And, they happen to complement a traditional equity based investment portfolio exceedingly well. They are misunderstood by most people and many (not all) investment advisors. Accordingly, they have been much maligned over the last 30 years of mostly “Bull Markets”. What are they? – Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance and Annuities from Insurance Companies that are owned by the policy owners, not the general public.

       If what you thought to be true turned out not to be true, when would you want to know the truth? Now or Later? Obviously, right now!!  If you want to learn the truth about how to have a truly diversified asset base that can weather future hurricanes, provide you with money when you want/need it, and grow during the good times please contact me. 



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