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Could I Still Pay My Bills Without My Income?

The Answer is NO!

Disability Graphic 4.29.2014When disability strikes, income stops and expenses increase…

The result? Significant long-lasting debt.  OUCH!

What’s My Plan?

When a disability strikes, paying bills can become an overwhelming problem. How would we manage?
  • Drain savings and retirement accounts – how long would the money last?
  • Get by on my spouse’s income – possible, but like most families, paying our monthly bills depend on two incomes.
  • Sell our home, car, or other assets – not a pleasant thought!
  • Depend on Social Security disability – In 2013 just over 33% of disability applicants were approved by the Social Security Disability Division. To be approved, your disability has to be so severe that you are unable to do any type of job. If approved, benefits don’t start for five months. And, your disability must be expected to last at least 12 months or result in death.** This is why 66% of applicants are denied!

Why Risk Financial Catastrophe When

Our Family’s Lifestyle Can Be Protected?


There is a solution – Income Continuation Insurance also

known as Paycheck coverage.


You may have coverage at work.  If not, call us and we’ll custom design a protection plan to meet your goals and budget.






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