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Is Your Greatest Asset Protected?

What is Your Greatest Asset?   Dollars with salary

Is It Properly Protected?


Most people believe their largest asset is their house or 401(k) plan.  Yes, we have all worked hard to attain these assets.  However our greatest asset is our ability to get up every morning and produce income.  If it wasn’t, we would all retire today and live in Margaritaville!  Our income is the foundation of our entire financial plan.  It’s the thing that makes everything else possible.  Think of disability income continuation insurance more as income protection- something that keeps our financial plan intact, no matter what.  There are many components to financial security, but our ability to work and earn an income is what makes everything else possible.

Ask Yourself 3 Questions:

1. Who will pay me if I’m hurt/sick and can’t work?      

2. How much will they pay me?    

3. How long will they pay me?


 May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  We want to highlight how important our income is to our lifestyle.

There are 2 ways to protect our income -1) Employer provided paycheck insurance 2) Personally owned paycheck insurance.  Employer provided disability coverage is often a great, cost-effective way to protect our income against a disability.  It helps replace a portion of our income which minimizes the disruptions to our daily life during a disability and keeps our long term financial goals on track.  We can help you understand your coverage by reviewing your company’s benefit plan and determining if it provides the amount of coverage you and your family would want if a disability  occurred.  If you don’t have coverage through work personally owned disability insurance can provide income protection coverage.


6 in 10 people worry about the devastating financial impact of a disability, yet only 30% own income protection insurance.   If you buy income protection insurance pay premiums for 20-30 years and never become disabled you will have made a little mistake.  However, if you don’t buy the coverage and become disabled, you will have made a big mistake.  Which of the two mistakes would you rather make: the little or the big one?

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