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Paychecks and Playchecks

Would you agree that both Paychecks and Playchecks are really important to your lifestyle?


If yes, chances are you are someone who pays bills and likes to have fun. You pay your mortgage, cell phone, car, go on vacation and more. You also most likely own insurance on your home, car, etc.  to protect you and your family if something bad happened to them.


Now, picture this, Suddenly, your paycheck is gone because you are sick or hurt for an extended period and can’t work. What now???


It’s truly a scary thought as those bills continue to come, but your paycheck does not.


Half of working Americans would be out of money in a month and feeling a huge financial strain. How about you? How long would your “Rainy Day Cash Fund” last?


Here’s a great idea that you may want to consider implementing– insure your paycheck with Income Continuation Insurance in the event a disability occurs. The insurance money will protect your family’s lifestyle and standard of living and allow you to continue to pay your medical bills, heating and A/C bills, put food on the table, etc. Phew!! That was close!!


Simply, if you have a job and no income continuation benefit through work, investigate purchasing Disability Income Insurance. Call/email us at willm@merriken.com. We’ll help you find the coverage you want and stay within your budget.


Memorial Day is Monday. Please join us in honoring all those who serve and protect us and our way of life by displaying our flags! Be well and be prepared for both the Expected and Unexpected events life brings our way.

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