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Peanuts from My Uncle

Even though he was my Uncle he called me (and everyone else my age) -“Son”.


So, “Son how are you going to cook these peanuts?”  For many years in early March he would give me a bag of shelled but not cooked jumbo peanuts.  They still had their skins.  Why? So I could do the same as him and cook them – just right- and eat them as we watched college basketball’s March Madness unfold.


We’d talk.  Of the many topics we discussed, one thing really stuck.  “Son”, if I’d known I’d live this long I would’ve saved more money.  You know I’m almost broke with not much except my social security and pension.


I said – “So why do you keep giving me peanuts every year?” “Son- it’s tradition.  It’s my legacy to you.”  I said please stop.  You are my legacy.


“Son, you don’t get it.  It’s my fault, no one else’s that I played lots of golf and had so much fun and didn’t save enough for the future.”   I said -well that’s true but you had fun right?   “Son, I did.  But I should’ve had better balance between having fun today vs. having enough money to live on after I stopped working.  I should’ve saved more.”


He died 15 years ago at the age of 87.  I’ll be thinking of him on Saturday as I watch The Final 4 games eating my peanuts and remembering the lessons he taught me. 

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