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Next Level Planning
Next Level Planning

A holistic financial plan designed to achieve long-term financial independence has many components. Below are 9 key components you can use to assess your current plan.

1. The plan must have REGULAR CONTRIBUTIONS going into it.
2. The money must achieve a POSITIVE RATE OF RETURN.
3. The money must be ACCESSIBLE when you need it for emergencies or special opportunities.  (Don’t lock it up!)
4. The plan must MINIMIZE TAXES on the way IN the plan.
5. The plan must MINIMIZE TAXES WHILE IN the plan as well as ON THE WAY OUT of the plan.
6. DISTRIBUTIONS out of the plan must be SIMPLE AND EASY.
7. CONTINGENCIES for a long life, disability or early death MUST BE COVERED.
8. The plan must MINIMIZE RISK.
9. The plan must be FLEXIBLE so that you can make adjustments as circumstances change.

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