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What Is the Chance
 Could Be Disabled?

Insurance claims studies indicate that the odds of becoming disabled for 90 days or longer are much greater than dying during one’s working years.

25 58%
25 58%
30 54%
35 50%
40 45%
45 40%
50 33%
55 25%

Other Disability Statistics to
Make You Go Hmmm…

95 1
Percentage of disabling accidents and illnesses that are NOT work related.1 Number of seconds a disabling injury occurs. A fatal injury occurs every four minutes.2
25 24
Percentage of 20 year-olds who will become disabled before reaching retirement age.3 Percentage of the probability that a white-collar female worker will become disabled for 90 days or longer, between the ages of 35 and 65.4
50 33
Percentage of people who have no private pension coverage. And one-third has no retirement savings.3 Percentage of applications from disabled workers for Social Security benefits that have been approved.5

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