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Concerns about your personal life, your business and your financial responsibilities are often intertwined. We plan for all three and help you make prudent decisions confidently by providing you with information about the topics below and, more importantly, coach you through the financial decisions process to financial success.


  • Am I saving enough? Where should I save it? Where should my assets be parked?
  • What is the difference between saving and investing?
  • New job/career:  How will my new benefits impact my family?
  • I’m tired of watching my 401(k) go up an down like a yoyo. Is there a steady and predictable growth 401(k) alternative? (Yes!)
  • If I died last month, will my family’s lifestyle continue as I had planned?  How much Life Insurance is enough? What kind is best?
  • Disability: Who will pay my monthly bills when I’m disabled and unable to work? How long will my savings last?
  • Divorce/Spouse death: How do I do it “on my own”?
  • Grandchildren have arrived! What are my options on how I can enhance their financial future?


  • Business Ownership Succession: Who do I want to own my business at retirement? At my death? If I get disabled? Do I have a written plan? Is it funded?
  • How best do I get the value out?
  • What is my Exit Strategy?
  • Key Person Benefits: Attract and Retain. What happens if my key person leaves or gets hired away?


  • What are my college savings options?
  • Are 529 College Savings Plans the way to go?
  • How can I win at the college financial aid game?
  • Is there a 529 Plan alternative with a guaranteed rate of return? Is this the best plan for me?


  • Why my children will benefit from me having the right Will?
  • Do I need a Durable Power of Attorney-Health Care Directive?
  • What are the “New” estate and inheritance taxes (both Federal and State)?
  • Can a Trust help minimize taxes?
  • Can a Trust improve my plan?
  • What do I want my survivors to know? About me? About my assets?
  • What will my legacy be?


  • Caring for aging parents is difficult! I need help!
  • Will a Geriatric Care Manager help me find the right care facility for an older parent/relative?
  • How will I finance my own long-term care?
  • Should I consider long-term care insurance?


  • Retirement Income Assessment – Am I on track?
  • I want to create a customized retirement income plan that allows me to retire the way I want. Can I?
  • Weighing my 401(k) options at retirement. What’s my best exit strategy to minimize the tax?
  • Should I spend down my 401(k)/IRA first or keep it for last?
  • How will required minimum distributions (RMDs) impact me when they begin at Age 72?
  • Is it possible to spend all of my assets and still leave my kids and inheritance? (Yes!)