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What should you be thinking about when planning for your family’s future?

Family Financial Planning

Which of these do you want more information and knowledge?

Protection Planning

Protecting My Assets

  • Appropriate Property and Casualty coverages guidelines
  • The risk of long term care draining my assets
  • Discussion of Wills, Trusts, property ownership and coordinating with your attorney
  • Planning for estate liquidity and paying taxes

Protecting My Earning Potential

  • What is my lifetime earnings potential and power?
  • The role of Life Insurance
  • The role of Disability Income Insurance
  • The role of Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • Securing my future

Growing My Assets and Wealth Preservation

Understanding the Difference Between Saving and Investing

Spending/Saving/Creating Wealth

  • Is there an ideal financial plan?
  • Minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers
  • Impact of my lifestyle and spending decisions on my future objectives
  • Asset effectiveness vs. quality of life
  • How to be my own banker

Accumulating Assets

  • Understanding the difference between savings and investment products
  • Tax efficient (preferred) savings plans
  • Understanding the difference between the miracle of compound interest and the growth of my money “in the market.”

Debt Management

  • What’s the best mortgage option for me?
  • Proper use of debt to grow my assets


  • Potential problems with compounding interest
  • The burden of income taxation on our assets
  • Understanding my 401k/IRA/pension qualified retirement plan
  • Tax reduction strategies – now and future
  • My family legacy
  • Charitable legacy

Winning the Battle:
Current vs. Future Lifestyle


  • Getting a handle on the big picture
  • Overall asset efficiency
  • Financing for college efficiently
  • Building my nest egg for retirement
  • Maximizing the three types of assets (taxable, tax-deferred & tax free)
  • The distribution of assets during retirement – where income will come from

Liquidity, Use, Control and Knowledge (LUCK)

  • Cash is king
  • Making my money do more for me
  • Which products do this better than others
  • Knowledge is power and confidence

Long Term Asset Growth

  • Understanding my choices, options and risks
  • What’s the right product mix for me
  • The role of qualified retirement plans – 401k/IRA
  • Today’s lifestyle vs. tomorrow’s